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The code for the pedestrian gates has changed. Information can be found in the Homeowner Portal​


The Board is aware that there has been an issue with remotes not opening the gate at night. The issue is interference from the street lights and landscape lights now that all lighting has been changed to LED. Unfortunately the problem will persist when the lights are on. Remotes seem to be working best if you begin pushing the button as you approach the call box (get as close to the box as possible) and continue pushing as you approach the gate. The "sweet spot" may be different for each owner/remote. Fresh batteries may also help. You can request the property manager provide you with a remote on a new frequency, however please be aware that the new frequency will not work with in-car buttons according to the gate company. 

If you're hosting a party you can request a temporary gate code for your event guests. It will expire the day after the event. Just contact the property manager to get it set up! 

If you happen to be entering or leaving the community when you see the mail carrier arrive, please use your remote to open the gate for them so they don't have to exit their vehicle and walk around to the call box. 

Exterior Modifications

Homeowners wishing to make exterior modifications are required to submit a plan to the TPOA for approval. Once approved by TPOA the owner must send the request (along with the TPOA approval) to the Kensington HOA for approval. 

2023 Board Meeting Dates:

March 5th

June 18th

October 22nd  (will also be the annual membership meeting)

Neighborhood Activities:

If you would like to host the First Friday gathering please reach out to a member of the Board! This has historically been a great opportunity for neighbors to socialize. 

The board is looking to create a social committee that handles neighborhood gatherings, welcoming new neighbors, etc.

If you're interested in joining please reach out! 

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